Rigid baskets with lid

The company SoFruPak directed by Witold Gaj based in Poland, winner of the bronze in the last edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award, with its range of 100% compostable rigid packaging SoFruMiniPak® EcoView.

A simple quick-closing packaging for fruit and mushrooms, available with a separate or integrated lid. Renewable raw materials combined with good ventilation characteristics ensure optimized cooling and 100% biodegradability.

And the Spanish CLASSPACK based in Barcelona is a finalist of the INNOVATION HUB of FRUIT ATTRACTION 2019 with its MIXED tubular Preform of PAPER and (PLA).

CLASSPACK is a manufacturer of Flexible single-use packaging with various combinations of 100% renewable materials, generating bags that are presented individually (for manual bagging) or in continuous roll for vertical packaging machine.

CLASSPACK has also developed a wide range of machines: weighing machines, packaging machines and peripherals for fruit and vegetable packaging.

CLASSPACK has developed adapting one of its newest weighers the BOX 80-14 C with various peripherals creating the BASKET LINE, specially designed for the packaging of: Cherry Tomatoes, blueberries, berries, etc. This facility uses so automatic baskets with lid manufactured by SoFruPak

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