New Paper tubular  Plastic Free

The CLASSPACK preforms already meet the objectives of reducing and elimination use of plastics in the European Union by 2020. 

            Automatic paper bag, without plastics

CLASSPACK achieves an identical package appearance to those currently used 100% plastic. For product to be packaged without "washing" or "brushing".

CLASSPACK presents a bag that looks identical to individual paper bags, which are sewn on top, in continuous reel,

The paper is covered with a 100% compostable PLA (Lactic Acid) film that protects the paper from the moisture that the packaged product can carry, also increasing its resistance surprisingly.

Guaranteeing a high degree of protection of human health and the interests of consumers must not be at odds with the responsible use of packaging materials, rationalizing their use and the inviolability of packaging to maintain good traceability to the source.