"X Mesh" and BIO X Mesh + PAPER

Preformed 95% PAPER + 5% PEHD


Two unsurpassed solutions:

In Colaboration with

X-Mesh Tecnology:

Through an agreement with XMesh Tecnology, CLASSPACK incorporates the X-Mesh into its preform, a type of patented mesh of overlapping and heat-welded flat wires. Being flat they do not mark the fruits of more delicate skin.

An identical package appearance is achieved to those currently used 100% plastic. For washed product, allowing a complete vision of the product with the transparent mesh. In the case of the washed product, it maintains perfect aeration

CLASSPACK and X-Mesh have recently achieved mass production of 100% Compostable PLA mesh

The CLASSPACK preforms already meet the objectives of reduction and rationalization of the use of plastics of the European Union by 2025. And even exceed the regulations..

Guaranteeing a high degree of protection of human health and the interests of consumers must not be at odds with the responsible use of packaging materials, rationalizing their use and the inviolability of packaging to maintain good traceability to the source.