Delicate skin fruit basket 

What is the PLA?

Polylactic acid or lactic polyacid acid (PLA) is a polymer made up of lactic acid molecules, with properties similar to those of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) used to make packaging, but which is also biodegradable. It easily degrades in water and carbon oxide.

Paper+ PLA film + PLA  Mesh
Paper+ PLA film + PLA Mesh

  With the CLASSPACK MIXED Pre-formed, you can make "barquetas" without using the plastic container, in a single operation.

CLASSPACK MIXED MULTI-LAYER tubular for the manufacture of "baskets". It is presented, in continuous roll, with multiple combinations of PAPER, PLA NET and PLA FILM.

According to the combination of selected materials CLASSPACK, unlike rigid containers, fits all calibers. There are different band heights from 90 to 150 mm.


Guaranteeing a high degree of protection of human health and the interests of consumers must not be at odds with the responsible use of packaging materials, rationalizing their use and the inviolability of packaging to maintain good traceability to the source.
The CLASSPACK preforms already meet the objectives of reducing and rationalizing the use of plastics in the European Union by 2025