The most Atractive formats. 

 BIOBASED 100% compostable


What is the PLA?

Polylactic acid or lactic polyacid acid (PLA) is a polymer made up of lactic acid molecules, with properties similar to those of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) used to make packaging, but which is also biodegradable. It easily degrades in water and carbon oxide.

If you do not have a COMPOSER at home, you can throw our BIO-BASED bags preferably in the ORGANIC containers in DARK BROWN

As certified by ECOEMBES in the event that they are not yet available in your municipality: 

Preferably in BLUE because the quantity of PAPER is greater and, failing that, in YELLOW. Since in these containers an exhaustive sorting is carried out on arrival at the recycling plant, according to current regulations.


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