New Salad BAG

With the SALAD BAG preforming, the usual micro-perforations that are practiced when using PELD or PPOB Conventional Plastic are not necessary to favor the modified atmosphere since PLA intrinsically already has a permeability capacity for oxygen and water vapor, therefore micro perforations are not necessary. Specifically adjusting the thickness of the material and proportion of the atmosphere itself to achieve what each salad mix needs.

At the level of useful life, it is possible to match the useful life of a high-tech plastic designed for modified atmospheres. Of course, enough care must be taken in handling the entire logistics chain since PLA is more sensitive than conventional plastic. In general, in the processing of leafy vegetables, the issue of handling is something that is taken care of enough so that the leaves do not suffer mechanical damage, so this does not imply major changes in the care that the client already applies with Plastic.

The preforming of CLASSPACK compared to 100% PLA paperless bags is superior. offering structural support to the container minimizing the possibility of micro leaks and mechanical damage

There is the possibility of putting a strip of film on one of the sides, achieving better visibility or greater conservation of the packaged product.

What is the PLA?

Polylactic acid or lactic polyacid acid (PLA) is a polymer made up of lactic acid molecules,sugar and maiz with properties similar to those of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) used to make packaging, but which is also biodegradable. It easily degrades in water and carbon oxide.